GI Cryo, Inc. is obtaining an exclusive license for the innovative GastroCS System prototypes (GastroCS cryoablation console and FrostBite EUS cryocatheter  prototypes) in the gastroenterological (GI) endoscopic clinical market.

Once completed and FDA clearance is obtained, FrostBite will be the first advanced, minimally invasive, in situ treatment option for the treatment of a host of gastroenterological disease states including pancreatic cancer.  The FrostBite platform is the only endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) compatible cryoablation technology. As an effective, minimally invasive, in situ ablation technology, the FrostBite platform will offer a cutting edge therapeutic strategy for pancreatic cancer, a disease which is highly fatal and for which few effective treatment options exist.

GI Cryo intends to complete the development of products and documentation for submission to the FDA to obtain a 510K approval for ablation of pancreatic tissue.

  • To accomplish this, GI Cryo is seeking investment to finalize development of the product, complete the pre-clinical studies necessary for 510K submission.
  • The company is structured, seeking financing and focused on the goal of rapid development and near term commercial launch of the GastroCS products
  • Our strategy is to capitalize on the surging interest within the clinical and industrial communities for novel and more effective cryoablation technologies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

For information on partnering or investment opportunities, please contact us directly.

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Disclaimer: GI Cryo’s technologies are currently Investigational Devices and are limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use Only.